New Research on How People Learn in Conference Twitter Backchannels!

As new technologies shape and are shaped by human practices, educators and researchers must consider the impact that participating in social media—to access, reflect upon, question, evaluate and disseminate scholarship—is having on their professional development and practices. This paper investigates how members of the educational research community use social media to advance professional learning and […]

New Open Access Pub! Citizen-Scholars: Social Media and the Changing Nature of Scholarship #MSUepet

Research is rarely created for private use; researchers publish their work so that others can read and use it, to advance the collective understanding of a field and impact people’s lives. Yet traditional approaches to scholarship, which emphasize publication in subscription-based rather than open access journals, inhibit not only the dissemination of research but also […]

New Publication! Professors share their journey from PhD to Job

For PhD students and new faculty everywhere! In Dignity of the Calling: Educators Share the Beginnings of Their Journeys (2018), edited by Dr. Andrew Kemp, faculty share their stories from PhD to entry into higher education. These stories focus on the deeply personal nature of the new academic. Framed around the idea that life experience […]