You’re Invited: #Cloud2Class Social Media in Education Conference Online (Oct 29-30, 2018)

Are you interested in learning, teaching and policy issues related to social media in education? If so, we invite you to participate via a streaming zoom session in #Cloud2Class: Exploring the Disruption and Reorganization of Educational Resources in the Age of Social Media Conference, which will be held at Michigan State University on October 29-30, 2018. Our goal for this event is to bring together a group of regional, national and international thought leaders to brainstorm the future direction of education in the age of social media and facilitate collaboration and an exchange of ideas among a diverse group of leaders.  We hope can attend some or all of this exciting event remotely! All you need to do is RSVP here.   Tweet with the hashtag: #cloud2class

Conference overview. Today, one-third of the world’s population use social media to find other people and resources for real-time information and connection across geographical, cultural and economic borders. In this growing social media space educational researchers, policymakers, administrators, teachers and others must better understand how to leverage online communities, communication, and collaboration. Those engaged in the work of education must bridge cloud to class, developing “network literacy” across physical schoolhouse boundaries, advancing professional knowledge, and distributing quality instructional resources within changing organizational contexts. This conference convenes an international, interdisciplinary group of influential researchers, policymakers and practitioners to create a research agenda in five key areas toward advancing understanding of the educational activities happening within and around social media, their connection to classroom and school practices, and their impact on teaching, learning, and school improvement efforts and policies.

We anticipate many positive outcomes from this event, including two special issues in premier journals: American Journal of Education and Teachers College Record.  This will consist of a collection of published articles and critical commentaries from various participants/stakeholders that are disseminated through traditional and new channels, including a social media campaign, #Cloud2Class.

Additionally, we hope that the conference will provide participants with the opportunity to form new partnerships and collaborate on a variety of projects.

The #Cloud2Class Conference schedule and information for remote participation is available on the conference website (